Fernhill Farm

An Arcadian Place to Stay

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Hello! A warm welcome to the Fernhill Farm and Events site

Here you can discover the ethos behind Fernhill, meet the team who manage this site, see a glimpse of its historical industrial scars, and find out about grazing livestock living alongside resident and seasonal wildlife.

Located on the top of the Mendip Hills in Somerset, at the heart of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) we can be found on the main road (B3134) that links Burrington Coombe with the small city of Wells.

Just over 5 miles from Cheddar, 20 miles from Bath and Bristol, and 7 miles from Bristol airport we offer real hilltop countryside within easy reach. 

Rustic farm venues, on-site accommodation, functional event extras and renewable energy installations ensure we tread lightly on this land and make this award-winning working livestock farm An Arcadian Place to Stay.

Please visit our sister site Fernhill Fibre for all aspects of our wool enterprise.

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Working Livestock Farm

Andy Wear, Jennifer Hunter and their two boys Kyle and Seth are the first-generation farmers here after Andy found this derelict ancient site in 1997.

Re-established as an eco-farm we manage this site holistically with livestock and visitors throughout the farming and event calendar year.

The farm is 160 acres comprising mainly grasslands with 10 acres of woodland, orchard and kitchen garden.

3000 ewes, 40 cattle, together with woodland pigs are our means to sell quality produce commercially to specialist and local market outlets and offer our visitors zero food and fibre miles with complete transparency and traceability.

Eco Venue with Accommodation

All the original stone building are Grade II Listed and our Horseshoe Barns are currently the main social space here offering a complete versatile venue with accommodation.

Converted from the original cow sheds in the authentic horseshoe footprint, this stone barn has been in operation since 2008 and provides a non-seasonal safe space, perfect for gatherings whatever the weather.  

Using reclaimed building materials, wool insulation, wood cladding and wooden floors, our central heating system is designed to use home-grown logs and capture solar thermal rays whilst incorporating rain water harvesting to flush toilets that feeds our WET System.

Throughout the years we have added solar electricity, additional accommodation units, Saloon and Loft facilities and in 2019 we are excited to be able to expand our eco venue offerings.  



Ancient Gatherings on top of the Mendip Hills

Arrowheads and flint knappings have been found in many places on this farm and with the oldest human skeleton 5 miles away in Cheddar Caves, it’s easy to imagine early man gathered around an open fire. Faces glowing, clad in animal skins, feasting on local meat, seeds, nuts and fruits with mutterings of appreciation.

It may well be the 21st Century, yet our best kept ingredient is still the gatherings around the fire and stone circle and remain at the heart of events at Fernhill Farm.

Welcoming groups from 10 to 10,000, we provide eco-venues that incorporate natural and renewable resources, leave little trace and allows the simple things in life to perhaps still be the best

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Fernhill Fleece and Fibre supplies fine British wool in all the native colours 

After decades of shepherding to perfect genetics, blade shearing and more recently wool handling, our online Folksy Fibre shop currently supplies craft items including spinning and felting fleece, natural knitting and weaving yarns, felt, cloth and sheepskin products.

Proud to support local artisan crafters, whilst using only UK manufacturers to process our fine fibres, we create a range of scarves, cushions, blankets and throws alongside finished ready-to-wear garments from gloves, hats, boleros and jackets, all from our one-stop wool shop.

We also host fibre retreats on our farm – please visit www.fernhillfibre.co.uk