Fernhill Farm

An Arcadian Place to Stay


An Eco Venue


It all started when…

In 1997 Andy discovered Fernhill Farm in a dilapidated state with only a single tap, trough and gate at the end of its overgrown driveway. Today this ancient farmstead is part-way through its transformation and we are thankful to all our visitors who become part of this journey too.

Joining environmental schemes such as the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS), Higher Level Entry (HLS) and Woodland Grant Schemes, alongside employing many local skilled hands to plant and coppice trees, hedges and shrubs, rebuild and repair stone walls, and recreate new field boundaries, the land has become fertile and alive with the sounds of hooves and voices.

The Grade II listed farmhouse, once on the endangered / at risk list is now the family home and winner of the Mendip District Council Excellence Award for Conservation-led refurbishment 2014.

The stone (camping) barns, once useful outbuildings for cows, calves, the dairy and feed stores are now restored as an eco venue with accommodation for the human population seeking a rural retreat.

What makes this an eco venue:

Underfloor heated throughout from homegrown logs and willow used to fuel our 170kw log boiler

Central heating system is topped up by hot water from the sun by our solar thermal heating system

Solar electricity on the roof of the Ag Shed

Rain water is harvested from roofs to flush toilets and supply chlorine-free grey water to the poly tunnel and mobile drinking troughs

All waste water is pumped to the on-site chemical-free water purification system known as the Water Ecological Treatment (WET) system

The WET system grows willow wands for weaving, kindling and firewood and is a British Crayfish Conservation Site

We used homegrown natural materials from the land to rebuild – bricks, blocks, beams, stone, timber, willow and wool

We ask our guests to tread lightly on this land by bringing their own top covers and shower towels to reduce washing

Please buy our holistically managed meat products – Andy and Jen went back to school in 2017 to learn Regenerative Agriculture and methodically try to improve this land every step of the way

Please buy from local companies, recycle, reuse, reduce and consider the impact of your purchasing powers… every step of your way here too.